In an effort to pack in 10+ fruits and veggies per day, I have stumbled on green smoothies. I’m on Day 4 of my personal Green Smoothie Experiment.

I didn’t know there were green smoothie challenges, weightloss plains, detox plans, and recipes up the wa-zoo. Basically, it’s 2 parts leafy greens + 3 parts fruit + clean water and blend the heck out of it. I have a big Kitchen-aid blender I affectionately refer to as The Beast. I let the Beast run for several minutes on high to smooth everything out.

A lot of the information on this comes from Raw Food sites, which I am on the fence about. In any case, adding 10+ servings of fruits and veggies per day is super duper healthy.

Right now I’m having about 2 quarts of this stuff per day and eating one cooked meal.

Day 1: Had amazing energy. Seriously?
Day 2: Detox-y headache, tummy ache in the late afternoon. Yes, I took an advil!
Day 3: Had my cooked meal at lunch and was nacroleptic in the early afternoon.
Day 4: Does my skin really look better? Seriously?

Yes, I think I can do this for another 10 days. For tips Google “green smoothies” or check out YouTube “green smoothies” and are also worth looking at.

The jury is out on the whole Raw Living experience, but most of the informative sites online are all about Raw. And please, don’t forget to capitalize it. I guess with this Experiment I qualify as High Raw. ‘salright by me.