I was going to write about neurofeedback, but changed my mind.  Today I learned that Dr. John Wakefield passed away a few weeks ago from melanoma. His obit said he was 77.  Dr. Wakefield was an environmental medicine and Defeat Autism Now doctor.  He was the one  who got us started down the right road to recover our son from autism.  We eventually moved my son’s treatment to a doctor who was a little more cutting edge, but I continued to see Dr. Wakefield for my own lingering health issues. 

He was the first one to delve into my health history beyond the basics.  He was the one who unraveled the mystery as to why I’m so frickin’ tired all the time.  Chronic Epstein-Barr virus and chronic mycoplasma pneumonia with sub-clinical hypothyroidism.  I’m still struggling with these issues, but Dr Wakefield gave me a handle to hold on to and a significant starting point.

He was a very sweet, compassionate man.  His wife ran his office and she is a delightful person.  My heart breaks for her. 

I saw Dr. Wakefield about nine months ago.  He looked terrible.  He had lost a lot of weight and aged what seemed 10 years since I’d seen him a few months previously.  He told me his 25 year old son, who had brittle bone disease, was wheelchair bound and facing another series of painful surgeries, had died in a drowning accident…that probably wasn’t really an accident. 

I hope Dr. Wakefield knew how much he had helped people, even when his own son decided he was beyond help.  I hope the good Dr. Wakefield did in the world grows.  I’m sure he counts among the legion of angels now.

God Bless you, John Wakefield.  And thank you.