Blogging is the new black.  Or something like that.  My blog title comes from a t-shirt I saw in a catalog once. 

“They say I have ADD, but they just don’t understand.  Ooh Look!  A Chicken!”

I was reminded of it today when I was thumbing through a book on neurofeedback (a topic I will touch on as we go) and I came across a 2 page check list for ADD/ADHD.  Yeah.  Guess who pretty much nailed the inattentive part of the quiz.  That would be me.

In the past I would write to help me marshall my thoughts.  Thought I would try that again. I have a stack of books to read, children to feed, a degree to finish, a floor to mop, and at least 2 Lexulous games going on Facebook, but I thought this would help.  Do you see where this is going?  So things I think about and will most likely write about, in no particular order:  autism, biomedical interventions, ADD, chronic fatigue and related issues, neurofeedback, reactive attachment disorder, parenting challenges, Anthony Bourdain, Duran Duran, Chris Isaak, bioidentical hormones, gluten-free cooking, adoption, spirituality, food allergies, and,  you know…stuff.